Circuit Breaker-B3T1-55-1041B

B3 series product is a hydraulic electromagnetic circuit breaker which our company design and develop by adopting international advanced technology.The circuit breaker consists of shell,operating mechanism,contact arc extinguishing system and hydraulic solenoid tripping device and other parts.The circuit breaker is used in AC50Hz/60Hz,rated voltage DC80V or AC480V equipment network circuit.It is mainly used for a variety of equipment and lines to provide accurate and reliable short circuit and overload protection.


Maximum voltage: 480/277VAC 50/60 Hz, 80VDC.
Current Ratings: 1A to 100A
Auxiliary switch: SPDT,5A 250VAC, 1.0A 80VDC
Operating environment: ‐40℃ to +85℃
Number of poles: 1 pole, 2 poles, 3 poles
Certification: CCC/ VDE/ UL 1077/ UL489A/ UL489

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